Alain LAIN Schibli (* 1981), born in Berne and currently living in Aarau, is a self-taught graphic designer who holds a Master in Design (Field of Excellence Trends) from the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. In his works, he moves blithely between art, commerce and design.

In the past, he edited the independent English art magazine Amateur (2008–2014) or launched the Markerball, a do-it-yourself pinball machine, which he showed with financial and organizational support from the Pro Helvetia Arts Council at the Milanese Salone del Mobile (2018).

As a freelance artist, LAIN is inspired by the colorful urban world of commodities, its logos, signets, typographies, placards or textile patterns, as well as – almost as a counterpoint – by nature, which he documents photographically or with pen and sketchpad. Moreover, the history and the topics of the artist colony on the Monte Verità are a source for the exhibition ARTXFOUR (2018) at the Galleria SACCHETTI.

In the studio, individual elements are combined in a new way and/or visually distorted using analog and digital technologies in order to create paintings, drawings, décollages, papercuts, posters and small scaled objects. Due to their remixed character, LAIN’s works present the well-known or familiar in a new – poetic, vivid or sometimes comical – light, thereby broadening the recipient’s visual repertoire.