Nadia Hunziker, who was born in Basel (* 1981), is a trained premedia specialist and a qualified graphic designer. In her studio 0813 she implements the wishes of private and public clients in the various fields of visual communications such as web design, magazine and book design and corporate design. Her passion for photography brought her to Zurich where she earned a degree from the cap Fotoschule in 2007. She currently lives and works in Flims.

Hunziker is a member of the association Kabinett der Visionäre, founded in 2012. This group of artists from different disciplines organizes exhibitions and cultural events in the city of Chur outside the mainstream of commercial institutions, such as the recent collective show zäme zämä zema (2018) in the Stadtgalerie.

Hunziker’s artistic work is characterized by a pronounced experimentation. She mixes a variety of techniques and (natural) materials, and also subjects, in an unbiased way, which cannot be found in daily life in the artist’s chosen combination. As a result, Hunziker creates surprising moments of great humour for the viewer. Her recent works show, for example, a meerkat in a tram in Lisbon or a hippo in a glacial pothole on the alp Mora in Trin, Hunziker uses the computer to combine photography with the traditional medium of drawing. The new digitally-formed creations are printed on wood and then reworked with charcoal and chalk.

With her works Hunziker partially intrudes into the public space. She designs photographic murals which are mounted on the walls of houses and creates depictions of exotic animals on thin wood panels which can be seen in the alleys and squares around Chur during the street art festival Light (2018).