ARTXFOUR I Vernissage 7th of July 2018

June 16th, 2018


With ARTXFOUR the Galleria SACCHETTI presents an exhibition platform for four emerging artists from the northern part of Switzerland for the first time in the Canton of Ticino. Myriam Mizzo Gämperli, Rodja RO* Galli, Nadia Hunziker and Alain LAIN Schibli engage the interfaces between graphic design, illustration, urban art, interior design, product design and fine art with curiosity, objectivity and insight. Their works, which are not tied to a client, have as their central point of reference the everyday (urban) culture in its multifaceted form. According to the formal principle of collage, the artists interweave elements in a new way and modify them using different media, and materials, and analog and digital techniques. The appropriation and rearrangement of already existing components leads to the creation of surprising, fresh pictorial worlds that break with visitors’ usual viewing habits.

VERNISSAGE: 7th of July, from 4pm to 8pm, with the presents of the artists 
DURATION: from 8th of July until 5th of August