Felicita Bianchi Duyne und Stephan Spicher I Vernissage 5th of October 2018

August 31st, 2018


The paintings by Felicita Bianchi Duyne, whose pictorial language tends towards abstraction, unfold their poetic effect due to their sensitive handling of various natural materials such as natural pigments, earth, sand or lime. Bianchi Duyne lives and works in Ponte Capriasca/Ticino.

Stephan Spicher’s drawings and paintings, which combine the linear with colour surfaces, revolve around the question of what forces stand behind all living things, what energies effect the permanent change of all that exists. Spicher lives and works in Basel and Maggia/Ticino.  


VERNISSAGE: 5th of October, from 5pm until 8.30pm, with the presents of the artist Felicita Bianchi Duyne 
DURATION: from 6th of October until 17th of November