Petra Gabriele Dannehl I Vernissage 31st of August 2019

July 30th, 2019


The Galleria SACCHETTI shows new works by Petra Gabriele Dannehl, who commutes between Hamburg and Ticino. The artist’s picture worlds with their mysterious charisma focus on the person whom the artist lets meander between dream and reality. Her protagonists, whose faces are often shadowily hinted at or depicted as back figures, are in her most recent paintings in landscapes, sometimes accompanied by animals, and long for a life in harmony with nature.


VERNISSAGE: 31st of August, from 4pm to 6pm, with the presence of the artist 
DURATION: from 31st of August until 2nd of November 

Marlis Spielmann I New Works

July 30th, 2019


With scissors and paper, Marlis Spielmann creates works full of humor and depth. In her paper cuts the human figure is emphasized, moving away from folkloric subjects such as farmer or cows. Events in the surrounding environment, her own observations and experiences as well as images originating from the artist’s fantasy flow into one another. Each work is individually painted with acrylic, giving them a harmonious elegance and three-dimensional effect. 

Jochen Görlach I Painting

July 18th, 2019


The Galleria SACCHETTI shows for the first time in Switzerland the oil paintings, executed in a delicate manner, by the German artist Jochen Görlach. His works reflect a profound study of Baroque painting, especially with the stylistic device of chiaroscuro. Against a dark background, parts of human bodies stand out – heads, arms, hands, legs – captured by a light that cannot be clearly located. Görlach’s figures, who appear oblivious and whose actions are not easily deciphered by the viewer, seem to emerge from nowhere. They show and hide themselves at the same time.