Alejandra Ataré’s compositions, executed in vibrant oil and acrylic colours, depicting landscapes with majestic saguaro cacti, lush tropical gardens or female figures seen from the back and painted against a backdrop of an exotic landscape, are inspired by floral motifs – buds, flowers, fruits, leaves –, textile patterns and geometric ornaments.

The generally large-format paintings are based on the technique of digital collage. Atarés draws on the rich pool of photographs from social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, which she combines with her own photographs taken with a mobile phone camera. The resulting computer-generated image serves as a sketch; it provides mental support and orientation during the time-consuming painting process.

The collage technique allows the artist to relate subjects to each other that do not normally come together in reality, for example, the ground of a desert-like landscape is partially covered with tiles, creating image worlds of fictional and futuristic character, underlined by the use of bright colors and the interplay of different patterns and forms.

Alejandra Atarés, born in 1987 in Zaragoza/Spain, studied fine arts at the Universitat de Barcelona, at the University of the West of England in Bristol and at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. With the Premio Ibercaia Pintura Joven, which the artist received in 2009, an active exhibition period began. Works by Atarés can be seen in museums, galleries and at art fairs such as Scope Miami, art KARLSRUHE and Art Madrid. With the exhibiton Jardines y Flores in the Galleria SACCHETTI in spring 2019, her paintings will be presented for the first time in Switzerland. Atarés lives and works in Barcelona.